Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pushing Javascript To It's Limits

Google is showcasing it's Chrome browser and advanced implementations of Javascript at:

Why is Google pushing so hard in this direction? Mainly because Javascript is platform independent and avoids developers locking themselves into Flash and SilverLight architectures.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inside a BotNet Treasure Trove

Is your computer a botnet zombie? If so, this is where all of that data being gathered from you is going.

Stolen-data trove offers look inside a botnet

IBM in Talks to Buy Sun Micro: Report

IBM in Talks to Buy Sun Micro: Report

Monday, March 16, 2009

Data Center "Unifacation"

Given that Cisco is trying to create a whole new market for itself, you should be seeing quite a bit in the coming year about the theory of data center unification. What is it? At the simplest level it involves merging your normal network ethernet/TCPIP traffic with the data storage traffic that is largely handled today on Fibre Channel networks and switches.

Though a good long term idea in concept, it's hard in the near term to make a solid ROI story around ripping out all your existing Fibre Channel infrastructure to go Fibre Channel over Ehternet, so expect a lot of marketing hype to try and bridge that gap.

Why 'Unified' Is The Hot New Idea For Data Centers

Friday, March 13, 2009

BizStarts Milwaukee & VentureTrack

BizStarts is lauching it's VentureTrack process for entrpeneurs today. Valor actually assisted BizStarts with the selection process of it's web infrastructure.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Discussion Group for the Dimensional Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Community

Finally a forum launched by the Kimball group. It can be accessed at
I have found this forum very useful.

The Impact of Pointlessness

I always find it interesting when I find actual research to back up a business theory that may seem commonsense, but hard to quantify. The "theory" in this case is that when people are working towards unknown or ultimately un-enjoyed goals their work output is going to suffer. This is obviously an issue in a general business context, but will take an even more prominent role as Government continues to tax the productive class in ever increasing amounts.

The short summation of this experiment is to take two groups of people and pay them to assemble Lego robots. One group will see the fruit of the labor build up as a pile of assembled robots, the second group will have the robot they've constructed torn apart and presented back to them to re-assemble over and over again. Same task, same general monetary reward, but a very different sense of mission and accomplishment.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Uhhh... Anyone have the specs on Fogbank?

You know it's happened to you. A year or two after going to production with a system, someone shows up at your desk looking for a copy of the system specs. "Specs? What specs? It's not like we are building nuclear missles here or something!", you say..

How the US forgot how to make Trident missiles

From Clippy to CALO

Further progress in the neverending quest to provide you with a virtual assistant, who will handle all of your day to day activities so you can waste more time online Facebooking and playing online games...

Intelligent Software Assistant
Adam Cheyer is leading the design of powerful software that acts as a personal aide.

Understanding Cloud Computing

The following is one of the best resources I've seen to date for building an understanding of what cloud computing is, and how the market is shaping up.

SATA3 Seagate Baracuda On the Way

By the end of 2009 Seagate will have it's new SATA3 drives available. Owners of large databases rejoice!

Seagate demos 6Gbps hard-drive transfer speed

Friday, March 6, 2009

Valor Development Lauches Its Technology Blog

Welcome to Valor Development, Inc's Technology blog. More to come soon.